About Daniel D’souza

So since you’ve not landed on this page by mistake, Here’s a few Details about me 😉

"Founder at Aptitude Academy"

Daniel D’souza

Name : Daniel D’souza

Birth Date : 28th of  January

Qualification : B.E in Electronics & Communication

So, a lot of People ask me why I started this website ? :)

Well, this idea kinda struck me during my College Placements. A lot of my friends used to find Aptitude Problems complicated and tough and Get eliminated in the 1st round itself. From that day on, I decided to do something about it :)

Aptitude is actually a lot of fun :) I just like explaining it to people! :)

Apart from Aptitude, What do I spend my time on ? 

Well,  I love playing Basketball :) Although most of my day gets spent in my day job ( I work @ Delphi Automotive :) ) , I also play the guitar and watch a lot of movies and stuff :) \m/

Plans for Aptitude Academy

Id like to see this become a really strong movement in the field of imparting Free Education. Hopefully someday my dream will come true :)

How can you help me in this movement ? :)

Id accept any kinda of help that would allow me to reach a broader audience :)

Wanna contact me ?

You can text me on Google Hangouts @   danieldsouza23[at]gmail[dot]com


  1. I like your videos.u tube cant’ run without people like you.
    (I see that your dream is to provide free education , This web site(www.khanacadamy.org) may help u for further clue)……just wanted to help).

  2. Hi dude i m extremely benefited by your videos on aptitude.. Please do post more videos on aptitude and reasoning especially CSAT Pattern.which will serve as a helping hand to IAS aspirants .

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