Aptitude Exam Strategy : The Most Common Mistake!

One very common mistake most students make, is that they carry a butt-load of tension with them in the exam hall. Be it just a simple aptitude test to qualify for a company’s interview or be it major exams like CAT, etc. They go into the exam hall thinking its the end of the world for them if they don’t clear it, and this in fact works against the sole purpose of them writing the exam!. You may have heard or even noticed that “nerves”( feeling tensed) has usually helped you before and things have worked out well :) Well as they say, a little bit of nerves is always good 😉 . It shows that you’ve put in some effort into your preparation. But things take a wrong turn when you get nervous to the point where you start sweating and start looking at your fellow classmates wondering “Oh my god! They’re answering everything and I’m still stuck on this problem!”. A few simple aptitude exam strategies will help you not reach that drastic situation and hopefully keep you busy in your own attempt to clear the exam! :)

how to write aptitude exams

how to write aptitude exams

1>. Make sure you clear your head for a few minutes before you start answering your test. It’ll help you calm down! :)

2>. Pay attention to YOUR paper!! . You staring at someone will not help your case in any way.

3>. Take Calculated risks. When employing a method to solve your aptitude paper, be more cautious while answering when the stakes(negative marks) are higher.

4>. Time yourself! . Sometimes Time can be more of a deciding factor than you could predict it to be! Especially in aptitude!  :O

5>. Pray. :)

Ill expand more on these points in posts to come! :) Stay tuned! :)

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