Coke 20% Increase Problem

The Coke 20% Increase Problem Solution is as follows.


Coke 20% Increase Problem

Coke 20% Increase Problem

I love drinking Coke! :) But they just increased the price by 20%! So I decided to minimize my intake by 20% to save cash. How much did I end up saving ? :)

a).  6%

b). 2%

c). 4%

d). 8%


The Solution is given below :)


Explanation :

Consider you drink Coke once everyday. Lets say it costs 10 Rs. So consider the money you spend every 10 days. It comes out to be 100 Rs.

Now the price has increased to 12 Rs per bottle (20% increase).

So now every 10 days you’d have to pay 120 Rs.

So, if you decrease your consumption by 20% , that means you drink only 8 out of every 10 days.

So that makes it 8 * 12Rs = 96 Rs spent every 10 days.

Since the initial amount you used to spend was 100Rs, you end up saving 4%.

Hence the answer is (c) 4%

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