Syllabus Complete Aptitude Problem

The Syllabus Complete Aptitude Problem is as follows :

My final exams are coming soon. If I take 10 days to finish (5/8)th of my portion and assuming I continue at the same rate, How many more days will I take to complete it ? :)

Syllabus complete aptitude problem

Syllabus complete aptitude problem

a) 4 days

b) 6 days

c) 8 days

d) 10 days


The solution is given below :



Ok :) Let us assume that your portion has something like 8 chapters.

If you calculate then (5/8)th of that will be 5 chapters.

So then since its given that 5 chapters take 10 days, they are asking …how much time will the remaining portion i.e (8-5 = 3 Chapters)  take ?

Now, from above statement we can say that 1 chapter takes 2 days. So remaining 3 chapters will take 6 days :)

Hence the correct option is (b) 6 days

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