Car Hire Aptitude Problem Solution

The Car Hire Aptitude Problem is as follows :

car hire aptitude problem

car hire aptitude problem

Rohit, Rajeev and Amit rented a Car for Rs. 560. They decided to split the Hire Charges as per their usage. Rohit used the car for 11 hrs, then Rajeev used the car for 8 hrs and finally Amit used it for another 7 hrs.

How much was the hire charges paid by Rajeev ? :)

a). Rs. 220

b). Rs. 180

c). Rs. 160

d).Rs. 140


The solution is given below :


So now they had to pay Rs. 560. Consider the total hours for which the car was used i.e = 11 + 8 +7 = 26 hrs.

That means Rs. 560 for 26 hrs. So each hr would cost them around Rs.20 . Specifically 21.5 rs

Since Rajeev used it for 8 hrs, he would have to pay 8hrs X 21.5 Rs = 172 Rs.

Hence Since there is no 172, the closest answer is (b). Rs. 180 


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